American Woman Girl

Ok, so it’s true I was hit with rush of emotions earlier this fall when I discovered that the Samantha American Girl doll had retired and the Pleasant Company was soon to retire Kirsten as well!  I was stunned, then overjoyed I’d bought Samantha, but heartbroken at the prospect of never owning Kirsten… the lovely Swedish immigrant. If you are a girl from age 2 to 32 you should know exactly what I’m talking about.

For the rest of you…. American Girl dolls now include a ridiculous array of baby and girl dolls, but they started as a line of dolls from different time periods in America’s history.  They even come with little volumes of historical fiction. Samantha, who I bought at age five nickel-by-nickel from doing choirs  (child labour? yes), is a wealthy orphan growing up in New York in 1904. She was my pride and joy.  But later I did fall for the cute blond braided loops of Kirsten… and our similar Swedish heritage, but never got her….

Until this Christmas. Yes, over two decades later, I am the proud owner of both Samantha and Kirsten.  But it’s a good thing I’m no longer a little girl, because she was back-ordered and won’t arrive till the spring!

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