We did it!


Day 161 & 162 Our last few days were rainy and blah. In a way it was good because it made us glad we were finishing. Plus we were lucky enough to have the rain stop just before we reached Monument 78 on the US-Canadian border on September 5th. As we approached the boarder all I could think of was that we still had another miserable 8 miles to do to make it back to civilization! But we ended up having a great time at the finish. Two Brits who hiked the AT last year and were hoping to hike the PCT in ’10 were there and as soon as we rounded the bend, snap, flash – we had a little paparazzi capturing our final steps of a journey that had taken us over 2,650 miles. It was so surreal that it was over.

How can we summarize the 5 months we’d been on the PCT?

It was one of the most

marvellous, miserable,

exhilarating, exhausting,

beautiful, boring,

difficult, delightful,

stressful, serene,

challenging, cheery,

bi-polar adventures of our lives.


… And we’re thinking of hiking the Continental Divide Trail in 2010!


12 thoughts on “We did it!

  1. Congratulations!! It was great hiking with you guys. I wish you the best in preparing for CDT 2010. I don’t think I’ll be doing the CDT anytime soon or any other super long distance trail. Keep in touch!

  2. Congratulations y’all! That’s awesome. Great picture, too–you guys look like you could take it all on again. Are you coming back to DC/VA soon? Much to celebrate!

  3. AMAZING!!! awesome feat! you guys are complete rockstars! well chuffed for you both! we’re in buenos aires at the moment, just got off a 20 hour bus ride from patagonia. we saw whales! sort of. love you guys!


  4. Hi guys
    Theres a pic of you on me blog…..now! also some classic comments from hikers at the end of the trail…including yours
    Hang Loose
    Good luck with life after the trail!

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    • cheers dug. gotta say i’m slightly envious you will be out there next year. its a superb trail (or lack of!). Good luck with the prep… and enjoy the freedom from purism on the CDT- it is liberating to choose your own way and add lib as much as poss

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