sunny snoquolomie

Drying out our gear

Drying out our gear

Day 150  8/23/09 – We arrived at Snoquolomie Pass where we met up with other thru-hikers Burning Daylight, Jean Micheal, Slim, Berkley Bill & met Foxtrot for the first time. Foxtrot is insane. He’s been hiking practically full time since he graduated from high school over a decade ago. He works as a commercial fisherman in Alaska for 3 months max a year, then hikes the rest of the year. He’s done lots of hiking in remote areas of Alaska where he hires airplane pilots to drop his food. He’s seen around 50 grizzlies and even been charged by a few. The craziest thing is he’s a very soft spoken, unassuming guy – you’d never guess he’s so hard core.

Even though it hadn’t rained our gear was dripping wet from condensation,  so we dried it out in the parking lot and enjoyed munching on snacks from a bountiful hiker box.

Then DnA (that’s us) and Reddy & Rafiki headed back to the trail where we were inundated with day hikers.  After an informal suvey we determined that 97% of the day hikers were from Seattle and that out of that 97% another 85% worked for either Microsoft, Boeing or Starbucks.

Even though I don’t enjoy a crowded trail I could see why it was such a popular area. Just a hop, skip and a jump away from Seattle the Alpine Lakes Wilderness is magnificent!  Plus the crowds thinned out as we headed farther from civilization… and we enjoyed a cold but scenic camp between Gravel & Ridge lakes.

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