Goat Rocks!







 Day 140 –  Day 144 After a scary walk across the Bridge of the gods we entered WASHINGTON!  We were back to hiking with Reddy & Rafiki and were also joined by Buckwheat & Princess (a guy) a few days later. We had great conversations on everything from Morman underware to aging to ecology. We also played a Hil-a-r-ious game of 3 Truths & a Lie and enjoyed gorgous alpine scenery around Mt. Adams and then the SPECTACULAR ridge walk on the Knife’s Edge in the Goat Rock Wilderness. It really did feel like we were walking on the edge of a knife at times… the path was just a thin strip that slipped away at a sharp angle on both sides. All around was a lunar lanscape of rock and snow and ice… and tucked deep into the cracks of the mountains below lay blue-green valleys. It was some of the most breath-taking scenery yet and we were so thankful that we’d enjoyed great weather too since Washington is notorious for crazy rainy weather. 

Goat Rocks Rock!
Goat Rocks Rock!

2 thoughts on “Goat Rocks!

    • Dear Mike & Chrissie,

      Well it took a while but we finally received your package! So many thanks! The photos and treats were delightful! Much love! DnA

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