Jeff & Hood


Mt Jeff

Mt Jeff


Day 134– We had a very sad departure from Bend on August 7th… and to make matters worst horrible cold drizzly weather awaited us on the trail.  We met another thru-hiker, Pacific Masai, and hiked with him as we got progressively wetter and colder. Rafiki & Reddy took off flying and we didn’t see them again till Cascade Locks. Thankfully the rain dissipated and friendly weekend hikers shared their Giradelli chocolate with us. They even had a mini-keg but it was far too chilly to have a cold beer. The next morning Day 135 we were still in a damp cloud and I was beginning to think weeks of horrid weather awaited when the KABOOM the clouds cleared and we were greeted by great glacial Mt Jefferson.

 Day 136 More blue sky awaited as we approached Mt Hood. And by day 137 we were climbing the deep sand at its base up to arrive at Timberline Lodge, built with local materials by skilled artisans in the 1930s as part of Roosevelt’s WPA. The architecture and design of the lodge is beautiful, but towering Mt Hood – whose glaciers provide year-round skiing – was even more captivating.

Sandy & Snowy Mt Hood

Sandy & Snowy Mt Hood

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