Bend it like Pizzo

Day 133 Erin, our old friend from DC, had just moved to Bend to do a year-long volunteer programme. Her and her new roommates, Kathleen & Diana, let us, along with Reddy & Rafiki, crash at their place. It was SOOOO good to catch up with Erin. The volunteer programme she’s doing is really exciting… she’s doing therapy with young children from at-risk homes.  The down side was that she had to work the day we were there, but by some random encounter we got connected w/Bjorn, a PCT thru-hiker hopeful who  lives in the same apartment complex.

Bjorn was ah may zing!  He drove us all over Bend so we could run errands, go to REI and pick up supplies. In exchange we gave him our advice on all manner of PCT things….. gear, training, weather… And we found more about Bjorn… him and his wife Elise have travelled all over the world, go to a super cool church that runs a community garden and homeless shelter, and they hope to maybe open a “pay as much as you can” cafe one day.

Erin, Kathleen & Diana

Erin, Kathleen & Diana

That night Dan cooked up a delux vegitarian, gluten-free, dairy free dinner. Then that night we went to a local brewary… hoping to meet up w/Chuck Norris & Tigger who were in Bend and also Bjorn & Elise. Unforuntately we missed those 4 but we still managed to enjoy some nice microbrews (& tater tots) with Erin, Kathleen, Diana, Reddy & Rafiki.

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One thought on “Bend it like Pizzo

  1. Hi Dan & Anna I assume you are getting to the end of your hike.Are you heading for Vancouver? If so my brother John would love to meet you. Give them a ring if you are in town, they can offer you food & shelter. We saw Nat & Umberto here 2 weeks ago they came for supper & stayed the night. Also Soph & boyfriend Matt are here tonight on their way back from working in summer camp in norfolk. They both fly to New Zealand on 3rd Dec for 6 weeks, to meet Matt’s family, he hasn’t seen them for 2 years! Everyone well here we send you all our love & enjoy the rest of your trip, it looks amazing, I drove through Bend last year with John. Chrissie Mike & Co

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