R & R

Day 129 After the most miserable mosquito infested days and a crazy thunderstorm, we finally arrived at Shelter Cove Resort on August 2nd. Our food package and guidebook, however, did not. But we decided to continue on anyhow, xeroxing maps & getting some food from the hiker box &  store. Hiker boxes are boxes where hikers can leave food,  supplies, ect they don’t need or want… and take food, supplies, ect they do need.  The unfortunate thing is that since we’ve been at the front of the 300+ some people thru-hiking the trail, the hiker boxes are often near empty. But by July their contents were begining to improve since that’s prime section-hiking season. We’d even begun to see our first thru-hiking SOBOs (South bounders) who are hiking the PCT from Canada to Mexico. The terrain & weather make this option much more difficult than going north so there’s only a dozen or so who try to do the entire trail from North to South in one season.

Soon Slim & Buckwheat arrived and we also met two new thru-hikers: Reddy & Rafiki. Reddy & Rafiki hiked faster than us but we managed to hike with them over the next few days (ok, they slowed down too). Reddy is from Northern Cali, owns his own computer buisness and had never backpacked  much before the PCT. Rafiki is a Vermonter with unimaginable state pride who has worked all over the US as a Wildlife Technician, mainly banding birds. In many ways they’re opposites – the computer whiz & the bird watcher – but they are a fun and hilarious combo. We had a great time chatting about the trail, our families, the wilderness and we spend HOURS doing RIDDLES. I definitely prefer being on the giving end of riddles, though. So there’s a naked man lying face down in the desert clutching a small stick…

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