mazama rama

Day 125 – We arrived at Mazama village, ate an oatmeal breakfast and then sat and chatted with Joel, Ice Cap, Gingersnap & Highlander as they enjoyed the all-you-can-eat buffet. Actually we didn’t chat with them, we just drooled over their food until finally, when Joel was returning with his third plate of food heaped high with pancakes, sausage and eggs we broke down and paid for the buffet.

A, Gingersnap, Highlander & D

A, Gingersnap, Highlander & D

Hours later we rolled out and began discussing our options since our guidebook, the PCT Atlas, hadn’t arrived and wouldn’t be arriving until at least the afternoon. Plus we needed to go to the post office, a few miles walk. You may think a few miles would be no big deal to us since we were now regularly hiking 30 miles a day, but OFF TRAIL miles are completely different. Only food and a life or death emergency will motivate a thru-hiker to walk more than a mile off trail. No, really.

So, we were delighted to meet Chuck Norris, a PCT Trail Angel and hiker, who offered to drive us to the PO in his wonderful white van. We also met PCT hikers UnBreakable and Leave No Trace. Chuck Norris’ wife Tigger was in Ashland, where he was headed later on. And when he told us he could give us a lift to Ashland & then back up to Crater Lake the next day we thought “why not?”

It was great getting to know Chuck Norris, being back in Ashland, seeing Boomer again and meeting a whole slew of new thru-hikers. CN & Tigger totally spoilt us… and countless other hikers with their traveling trail magic!

The Chuck Wagon

The Chuck Wagon


One thought on “mazama rama

  1. I can’t believe that you’re almost finished!! It’s been cool to read your blog but would be even cooler if I could hear your stories in person!! Maybe we could hook up sometime when I’m in the states…this winter and next summer (taking furlough then). You guys are legends!

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