Celebs in Seiad


Day 115 – We left the gorgeous velvet virgin forest alongside Girder Creek to face a gruelling road walk to Seiad since the PCT never got enough funding to build a bridge over the Klamath. We have to confess we cheated and hitched the last 3 or so miles….. walking on a highway with no shoulder in 100+ heat is no fun.

Once in Seiad we met Maw-ee & Paw-ee a cool older hippie couple from Georgia who are hiking the trail. We also met Ed a section-hiker who had just finished the PCT after 17 years! He’s almost blind and has a lot of heath problems so it was quite an accomplishment!

The next day (Day 116 July 20th) we decided to forgo the 5lb pancake challenge but we still chowed down AND while we were eating Scott Williamson came in. For those of you not familiar with the PCT thru-hiking world, Scott Williamson has been hiking the PCT for 12 years and is the fastest unsupported thru-hiker. This year Tatu Joe couldn’t join him but he was hiking with Krudmeister. Scott was really friendly and it was great to chat with a PCT celebrity!  What they are doing is INSANE! They have to average 42 miles a day and don’t take a single rest day. Plus they aren’t even hitching into towns! There goal is to finish the entire 2,700 mile trail in 62 days! We were on day 116 and weren’t even out of California yet!

But thankfully we did manage to do the grueling 5,000 foot climb out of Seiad up to the Devil’s Peak where a cool breeze, gurgling springs and miles of views awaited.


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