Magnificent Marbles

IMGP3811109 to Day 114 – We had a more leisurely week on the trail between Castella and Seiad since if we went our anticipated 25+ miles per day we’d arrive in Seiad on Sunday and the Post Office would be shut. The scenery was gorgeous with lost of crest walking, views of snowy Shasta and fields upon fields of wildflowers. The Marble Mountains were magnificent! And for the first time since Yosemite we had a functioning camera! Earlier we kept missing our bounce back box in the post and it contained our extra camera batteries & chargers. It was agonizing to walk for 100s of miles and not be able to capture any of it on film.  But this time we got a battery in the mail from my dad, though the new shoes we’d ordered online for Anna hadn’t arrived… this was a nightmere since my Meindl shoes had been bothering me ever since I’d gotten them in Kennedy Meadows. Grrr!


It was a week long stretch between towns and what had seemed like an enormous amount of food at the beginning of the week soon dwindle dangerously low. But once again Big G provided… this time in the form of grandparents & their grandson Max who were headed back into civilization and generously gave us LOADS of their extra food. YUM!

We also ran into tons of teenagers from a camp at Etna who gave us granola bars & oranges! So good! Plus we met a friendly high school grad named Forrest at Paradise Lake who shared his Pita chips with us. Food is definitely the way to a thru-hiker’s heart!


3 thoughts on “Magnificent Marbles

  1. Wow Dan & Anna we send you our love & best wishes for the rest of your journey. I promise to send you some goodies, just been looking at Rachie’s blog & clicked on yours. We are seeing Nat & Umberto on Thurs here for supper which will be great take care & enjoy all that lovely country, we have just had a hol in the Isle of Man last week which was restful. All our love Mike & Chrissie xx

  2. What’s that wildflower called? I took a picture of the same one when I was in Cali a few weekends ago.

    I thought of y’all a lot this weekend. Hope everything is great!!!!!!

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