Pooh, Grub & Yuba

thumbnailCAZZOAPJDay 96 Pooh Corner was sweet. And it was the beginning of a magical portion of trail where Trail Angels abounded. Glory be!

Bill & Molly, a retired couple, open up their gorgeous home on Donner Lake to hikers at Pooh Corner. There house is complete with hot tob, extensive dock and a 2 story-high climbing wall in their living room. Yessssss please!  There we feasted on an grill-tastic spread along with thru-hikers Stinky Butt (who we’d met way back at the Andersons) and Road Runner.  Stinky Butt had some crazy stories to tell about travelling solo through the stormy & snowy High Sierras.  But enjoying our ice cream with hot fudge, coconute, walnuts and fresh fruit for dessert those difficult days seemed like a lifetime ago.

Peter Grubb Hut
Peter Grubb Hut

Day 97 Back to the trail we hiked with Road Runner to the Peter Grubb hut, which we oohed and ahhed over before continuing north. and Day 98 arrived in the charming little town of Sierra City where we sunbathed and swam in the Yuba River with section-hiker Snowdog and his outstandlly obdient dog Dora. Then, to our delight, we discovered another section-hiker named Sleuth had rented out a flat for hikers for the week.   We stayed up till midnight swapping trail stories, drinking freshly squeezed lemonade and beer and munching on Oreos.  It really is summertime!


2 thoughts on “Pooh, Grub & Yuba

  1. I have stayed at the Peter Grubb hut close to 40 times! passing through, skiing, hiking, or sleeping. that is home!!! so glad you were there. My friends have a cabin just off North Creek, near frog meadow. have fun!!!! you are in russ home territory!!!!!

    • Sweet! We’d love to visit it in the winter… it’s crazy how much snow that area gets! It’d be great if you could join us for a few days in Oregon or Washington!

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