great expectations

Day 89 – Day 92 Leaving Sonora Pass it was back to just Dan & I hiking together. Andy had stayed on in Toulomne and Jean Michael had gone to Bridgeport from Sonora Pass. So it was just DnA. We missed our hiking companions but it was also nice to just be a duo.  We did met some other thru-hikers – Tomato, who’d hiked the AT & PCT before and went FAST,  and Booty & I Spy a friendly couple from Colorado. Plus we did a bit of a “detour” with Rogue after loosing the trail amongst snowy woods & swampy meadows.

Dan got nostalgic as we passed by Asa & Noble Lakes where he’d first heard about the Pacific Crest Trail while leading a trip for Outdoor Ed at Georgetown.  There was still some snow – grr! In a way this was one of our more difficult sections because I naively expected a fairly flat snow-free trail. Combined with the anticipation of the free condo we had waiting for us in South Lake Tahoe (thanks to the Shockey family!) the days passed by rather slowly. It’s remarkable how much your expectations and mind-set matter. But at last we arrived at Echo Lake on June 26th!

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