Days 84 – 86  We arrived in Tuolomne Meadows only to find out food box hadn’t arrived… but amazingly enough we’d gotten packages with delectable goodies from Stuart, D&P and the Italy girls. Plus the JMT hikers we’d met at VVR had told us we could have food they left in a bear box. And with some pop tarts & ramen from the hiker box we barely had to buy any food at all!  Big G provides!


In Yosemite we faced some treacherous river crossings, swampy meadows, more snow and our first mosquito mob attack. But we also saw some young bucks and does, crashing rainbow waterfalls and the grand glacial-carved granite that Yosemite is famous for.  And it was warm!

Plus we passed mile 1000!

2 thoughts on “Yosemite

  1. Summer Soul started this weekend and all the York based Ninjas are back again.

    It’s good to know that not everyone felt they had to walk the length of North America just to avoid my leadership skills 😉

    However, and fittingly, in your absence, we’ve all been split up and the black team has been handed on elsewhere. I’ve responsibility for the Purples (or the Bishops as they were today christened by the team), seems we’ve got a lot holier without you…

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