¡Viva VVR!

Day 78 Arriving at VVR was truly sublime. Free stay in a bed(!) the first night, free first drink and amazing little cafe with a talented chef who used to cook for President Regan. I made good use of my $5 shower and surprisingly still had a few strands of hair left in the end too. I had a delish bacon grilled cheese and then Andy & Indi discovered Dan’s extensive vocab (of made-up words) in a game of scrabble.

I devoured the National Geographics as well as lots of yummy snacks from the phenominal hiker barrels they had of free stuff left behind by other hikers. Usually we’re too early to find any good stuff but this time we hit the jack pot. When combined with the food package my parents had mailed we had a enourmous amount of food. But it would still be hard to stave off hiker hunger.

The staff was very friendly and to be full, warm and clean was truly sublime.

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