Our Summer in the Sierras

andy adam

Adam & Andy

Day 64 The High Sierras were a different universe to the desert we’d been hiking in. Water was everything, though I was surprised at how little snow there was at first. We saw evidence of snow only recently melted, however, in the bright red waxy snow plants that protruded from the saturated soil. The high altitude made us feel breathless and light headed, like 2 teenagers in love or kids at fat camp. Today we bumped into Andy, who’d just did Olancha Peak, and hiked & chatted with him for a while. He’d been hiking with Adam and they were still planning on doing 10 more miles so we doubted we’d see them again but the next morning Day 65 we saw Adam & Andy, who would be our hiking companions over the next 2 weeks. We fell into a great rhythm… sometimes we’d hike together, sometimes we’d hike on our own but we’d camp together and in the days ahead tackle the difficult snow-covered passes as a team. That night we camped at Chicken Spring Lake and got some closer glimpses of the mighty snowy mountains ahead. Day 66 we left the PCT to hike to just before Timberline Lake so we could climb Mt Whitney the next morning.


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