Hiker Trailer Trash


Originally uploaded by Jigg

On Day 60 we finished listening to “Eat, Pray, Love” on our ipod and spent lots of time discussing what had been an very interesting, funny and thought-provoking book. Then on day 61 we arrived at Kennedy Meadows – the gateway to the HIGH SIERRAS! On our way to the general store we were ushured onto a little hiker trailer park. It’s run by Tom, an insanely nice guy, who has a hodgepog collection of vintage trailers where hikers can crash as they plan their journey into the big bad High Sierras. We also met fellow thru-hikers Lenny, Kurt and Adam and reunited with Burning Daylight, Indi & Stinky Butt. Andy – a hiker from the UK who did the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) last year – who we’d met at kickoff was also there. And so was Taylor, the Texan who had been the only hiker ahead of us for over a month. It turns out he’d gone into the Sierras in early June before turning around because of the massive amounts of snow.

It was great to chat with the fellow hikers, make use of Tom’s cyber cafe airstream trailer and swap stories around the campfire. Actually, I think it was more like an hour long discussion on “natural” toilet paper instigated by Dan.

Day 62 we had a massive session of gear-sorting… we had to add to our packs bear-proof canisters, more warm gear, ice axes and snow gear and mail ahead our bulky Bubba Kegs. So sad!

That afternoon more hikers arrived including Old Ridge Runner who is 69, Chase, Maggie, Buckeye (section-hiking), French-Canadian Frances and Parisian Jean Michael. Wow, this was by far the most hikers we’d ever seen together in one place! But it was nothing compared to the herd that was on its way! By Day 63 after a delish breakfast at Irene’s and the exploration of an amazing abandoned house we were back on the trail!

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