Day 59 We got to Walker Pass before noon and from there hitched a ride to Onyx with a hip Latino couple whose tiny sports car was packed to the brim with items for their holiday at Lake Isabella. Our plan was to be hobos for the night until the post office opened Monday morning and we could pick up our food box.

Onxy consists of a post office and a Chevron Station. And that’s all. All the hustle and bustle of town happens at the small gas station store and that’s where we hung out. We met some interesting characters all right. An older man with a scruffy gray beard down to his waist wearing some old overalls and munching on hostess donuts for breakfast. A woman in her 60s baring her back with her scandalous bandanna-like shirt. A younger woman barefoot and in skimpy PJs.

Dan munched on sweets & I decided to get a half gallon of ice cream. It was either that or a little ice cream bar for practically the same price. I originally planned on sharing it with some of the townsfolk but then I got the clever idea of filling our 2 Bubba Kegs with ice cream so it would stay cool and then eating the other 1/3 right then. And then we realized it was Memorial Day weekend so the post office wouldn’t be open till Tuesday. So we decided to buy the food for the next few days at the tiny store so we weren’t stuck here for 2 days. The Chevron station was exciting, but not that exciting.

With an assortment of food, including a gigantic tub of Red Vines Dan had bought, we were on our way back to Walker Pass. We got a lift from a friendly couple and an adorable grandma. The man had the most scratchy hoarse voice I’d ever heard. You’ve got to hear Dan’s impression of it.

Soon we were back in the hot sun heading uphill, but with my 2 Bubba Kegs full of ice cream I had plenty of energy to climb.  It wasn’t until we camped at the windy Owen’s saddle for the night that I began to realize that perhaps consuming an entire 1/2 gallon of ice cream in 1 afternoon maybe wasn’t the smartest idea.  Boy did my tummy ache!


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