Turtles and dirtbike baddies

Day 58 – On May 22nd we arrived at the Bird Spring cache for breakfast and saw a truck park at the trailhead. When an elderly lady and a large man dressed in jeans and a tight white t-shirt emerged from the car we quickly sized them up as non-hikers, but as the man came closer we saw his t-shirt said, “Team Turtle.”   They were the amazing Trail Angels who had done the cache with fresh fruit back by Silverwood Lake!  We thanked them and enjoyed a good chat. The woman, it turned out, was 70 years old and together they are proud to be the slowest hikers on the PCT, planning on section hiking the entire trail over 30 years or so.  Now everyone in their mid 50s who tells us, “I’d love to do the PCT but I’m too old,” has no excuse! But since we didn’t have 30 years to do the trail, we left them behind as we made our way up switchbacks to Skinner Peak.

Later in the day the PCT joined a dirt road that was packed with dirt bikers and ATVs.  I can’t say we look on these lot fondly since many illegal create trails through fragile wilderness, illegally travel on the PCT and a few even vandalize PCT signs. These bikers were friendly but the dust and petrol fumes made for less than ideal walking conditions.

When we got to the shabby McIvers Cabin for the night a lone dirtbiker arrived. He’d just ridden from Dove Springs even though his friends were too tired (wow, we just hikedfrom there!) and was “…like, dude, that’s freakin’ awesome!” when we told him about the PCT. We asked if had had any extra food (hiker hunger is unsatiable) but he didn’t. Then he asked if we had any money. Um… we weren’t sure if he needed money or what so we fumbled with an answer and he shoved $15 at us. “We can’t take this,” we insisted. “We have enough money for food!” but he insisted.

“Just take the money, man!”

Sweet! Maybe these dirtbikers aren’t so bad after all!


3 thoughts on “Turtles and dirtbike baddies

  1. Still following your blog with interest and thinking of you both. Continue to have a fabulous time and take care…..XXXX

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