Hiking Etiquette 101

Day 55 to 57 – Leaving Tehachapi it was hot but a cool breeze sustained us and on the top of the hills above Highway 58 there was some shade from scrawny pine trees.   This was the official beginning of the Sierras but didn’t seem different from the hot, dry hills we’d come from. As we were setting up camp by Golden Oaks spring that evening Indi and Burning Daylight came along.   We chatted with them about our zero days and then leapfrogged with them the next few days. It was our first time hiking with other thru-hikers and we were giddy like school children but also suddenly insecure about the proper hiking etiquette. Did they want to hike and talk? Or go ahead of us?  Was it ok to stop when they were having a break and join them?  In the end we managed to enjoy the company without (hopefully) invading their space. 

After some refreshing hikes amongst woods and boulders we were horrified to once again emerge into true desert.  Grotesque and spiky Joshua Trees were our only shade for miles on end, but it was better than nothing.  We were managing 20 mile days no problem but Indi & BD pushed even further so we said our good-byes. It was a bit sad not knowing if we would see them again or not. But now that we weren’t way early we were due to be meeting more hikers soon anyhow.

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