Back down south…

Day 49 – The Silver Bullet had us back to the Andersons by the afternoon where we had a happy reunion with Terry & Joe and Doug. We also met some more hikers – Burning Daylight, Indi, Stinky Butt, Get Out and Mr. Chips, who we’d hiked with the very first days on the trail. It was great swapping hiker stories over Terry’s taco salad before entering the Magical Manzanita forest for sweet sleep. The next day, Day 50, we enjoyed delish pancakes, said good-bye to our new hiking friends who were getting an early start on the day, and then hung out with the Andersons while waiting for our food package to arrive.  Dan helped Doug & Jo fill up some water caches and a fellow Virginian hiker, Chase, arrived in the afternoon. Boots, as it turned out, had just left the Andersons the day before we arrived there, after having spent 17 days in Hippie Daycare. Thankfully the postman delievered our package around noon and we headed back out into the HEAT of the day. We ran into Get Out at the Red Carpet Cache and then camped in the gorgeous grassy meadow of Fish Creek. We didn’t miss the snow, but goodness was it hot!

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