And I would walk 500 miles…


Day 42– Fresh green leaves poked out of the dirt like the ears of a bunny hiding in its burrow. The Hat Creek Rim was beautiful, a flat plateau with easy hiking, beautiful weather and views of both Lassen & Shasta mountains on the horizon. It was dry, yes, but not hot and we were able to go 25 miles before finding a gorgeous dinner site on the edge of the rocky-cliffed rim. The next day (Day 43) we descend from the rim and celebrate our 500th mile on the PCT! By evening we arrive at Burney Falls, a spring-fed waterfall which pours out 100 gallons of water a day.  It’s powerful flow is captivating but the little lacy mists that fall lightly from the porous volcanic rock face are what really capture my fancy. Thankfully our food package has arrived the next day (Day 44) so we quickly divvy up our food are are off. We pass by Lake Britton, where Burney Fall’s waters settle, then head up into oak and pine lined hills, the fresh lime-green of the new oak leaves in a beautiful contrast to the dark rich evergreen needles. After disrupting a rattlesnake’s slumber and basking in the sun at Rock Creek, we disappear into thick forest to camp on an abandoned dirt road next to adorable little pine trees grooming for Christmas. Northern Cali is ahhh mazing.


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