Off in the Silver Bullet

Day 41 – A few days ago my mom had suggested we head up to Redding to hike a portion of the PCT up north that is notoriously hot & dry in July when we were scheduled to be there. That way we’d avoid waiting around for snow to melt in the Sierras and also be able to do the “Hot Creek Rim” section while the weather was wonderful. We kept the idea in the back of our heads but didn’t think it was feasable, especially when we saw how far away Redding was… it did not seem to be a . But when we mentioned the crazy notion at Casa de Luna, Boots immediately spoke up and said we could borrow his car. We we chuffed by the offer and after about 5 minutes deliberation responded with an enthusiastic “yes”! 

After a bit of sorting & logistical planning we were off in “the Silver Bullet” (Boots car) on Rt 5. Dan drove and I read aloud from “Into the Wild” as we passed through the Central Valley of Cali.  We stopped by Hermit’s Hut in Redding to pick up the Wilderness Press guidebook & maps for the trail & then went to my mom’s friend Marty’s house. Marty had hosted my mom & sister last summer while my sister did a dance programme and she had kindly offered to drive us to the trail.  We chatted with Marty as we headed east to Old Station with her adorable puppy Jake enjoying the fresh air on his face. Thick pines lined the road and we’d occationally get glimpses of the mighty Lassen. Soon, we’d arrived at our home for the night, Cave Campground. We thanked Marty & then waved goodbye, hardly able to believe that just that mornining we’d been surrounded by chaparral in SoCal.


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