(Hiker) Heaven is a place on earth

Day 37 – We descended into Indian Canyon, past the PCT golden spike and funky rocks that reminded me of a fat giant emerging from a mountain, then crossed Interstate 14 and Vasquez Rocks to arrive in the charming town of Agua Dulce.

The PCT goes straight through this little community, but there was no way in hell we were going straight through. Oh, no. Because Agua Dulce is the locale of the world-renowned HIKER HEAVEN.

Hiker Heaven is the home and operation of Jeff & Donna, Trail Angels extraordinaire. We first read about them in A Blistered Kind of Love and had heard more amazing tales ever since. The last few miles before we arrived on their door steps each meter seemed like a mile. Finally we arrived, opened the gate marked with the PCT crest, and entered this sacred space.

IMGP3345Donna, accompanied by their 7 (or 8?) dogs came out to greet us and give us the grand tour. They have a beautiful 2 acre property with a gorgeous garden, view of the mountains and an area for their 2 horses at the bottom of the hill. There is an entire trailer dedicated to thru-hikers w/2 bedrooms, a full kitchen and a great lounge complete with sweet peacock print futon. At peak season, they set up huge tents in their yard so they can host up to 50 hikers at a single time! They have 2 laptops w/high speed internet for hikers to use, a HUGE collection of books, videos & DVDs (many about the PCT), they even have a piano & guitar!

Plus there’s huge boxes of loaner clothes for you to wear while Donna does your laundry. (Yes, you read that right, she washes your filthy disgusting clothes). And there’s boxes of spare gear, food, toiletries, etc available for the taking. It’s unreal. Oh, and Hiker Heaven basically IS the post office. There entire 2 car garage is dedicated to storing hiker packages.

But the best thing is Jeff & Donna. They are superstars– no doubt. And since there was only one other hiker there at the time, we were lucky enough to spend some great time chatting to them. This kind of extravagant generosity is like alabaster & tears.


One thought on “(Hiker) Heaven is a place on earth

  1. hey dannannanana! its been amazing reading your blog. i’m going to be hiking the sierra high route in mid june (maybe 12th through 23?). it goes from kings canyon NP to yosemite NP. where are you going to be around then?

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