Big Buck

Day 35 –  The next day we met a south-bound section hiker, Jollyhopper, who we  was indeed quite jolly. We found out from her that Stix and Tranquilla, another PCT hiking couple, were now ahead of us… they must have passed us when we were doing the detour. It’s too bad we didn’t meet them.

We also ran into the most enthusiastic 2 older ladies trail running the PCT.  They were probably in their 60s but had better bodies than most 20 year olds and eagerly inspected our gear and cheered us onward.  The weather was perfect and we faced sweeping vistas of a hazy desert valley below.


That night we camped at Big Buck Campground. It certainly lived up to its red-neck name. Beer cans, beer bottles, bullets and trash littered the site. There was an (illegal) hand-made fire pit next to which was heaped 2 enormous piles of ash. Burnt beer bottles & cans had been thrown into the fire to form modern art of sorts. It seemed the only thing they hadn’t thrown into the fire were their cigarette butts, which were scattered amongst the thick and highly flammable pine needles.  We did our best to tidy-up the campsite but there was far too much rubbish (and shards of broken glass) for us to carry out – the best we could do was pile it all near a rusted-out car exhaust pipe.

Nevertheless, we were both feeling better after a superb dinner of instant mash. Nearby LA and its smog provided us with a splendid sunset as we sat reading All Creatures Great and Small  by James Herriot aloud together.


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