Frog detour day

Once we were back on track from our Baden-Powell detour, our days approaching Agua Dulce were lovely. The PCT took us through the Angeles National Forest and there were numerous spots en route with picnic tables, fire pits and port-a-potties. The weather was wonderful and we hiked short days, knowing we’d just have to sit around and wait if we got to the Sierras too soon.

Day 34 – We had to walk on Highway 2 for a spell to protect the yellow-legged mountain frog, an endangered species whose habitat is along that section of the PCT. But even walking on the highway was remarkably pleasant. It was a winding 2-lane mountain road that was closed to traffic above us so there was little traffic (although we did have an intriguing motorcade of 6 Benzes pass us). We lunched at Glenwood Camp (shut unfortunately) and camped by Sulphur Springs, which thankfully did NOT smell like sulphur.


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