Kick Off

Can you find us?

Can you find us?

Day 30 (April 25th) – Licking our lips after quite literally the best french toast on this planet (courtesy of g’ma), we headed back south to Lake Morena where Kick Off was taking place.  The grandparents had generously loaned us their car for the trek. It was quite surreal to retrace the miles we had taken a month to hike in a few short hours by car.

Kick Off (or ADZPCTKO) is an event hosted by PCT lovers to celebrate, inform, equip and feed the hiker herd that takes on the challenge of Mexico to Canada each year.  During our time we met with many PCT hiker vets; ooh’d and ahh’d over the latest, lightest gear available; ate high calorie foods; learned more about bears, snow and water; and even got interviewed by National Geographic for an upcoming documentary on the PCT.  It was exciting to be among the 2009 lot, and interesting to compare strategies.  Many of them begin their treck from the border around this weekend. 

Our hike so far has been one of solitude, which has been special in many ways, but we are also looking forward to sharing our journey with fellow pilgrims.  As we slow our pace and wait for snow to melt in the Sierras we are keen to have them catch us up!


One thought on “Kick Off

  1. Hi

    Your readers might be interested in this story about Jordan Summers the hiking/travel writer walking the PCT (2650 miles from Mexico to Canada) to rasie money for charity. Spread the word if you can, and encourage people to support him.

    Many thanks

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