Sunset in the buff, sunrise in the nude

Day 25 We left the hot springs after a sunrise dip and continued along Deep Creek. As we approached the Mojave Dam, we were frustrated and dismayed to see that almost every rock was covered with grafitti. I guess this is where the “ganstas” of Arrowhead and other small towns nearby mark their territory. At least their graffiti was informative (“I smoke crack”) and witty (“Hello” with the response: “Good-bye”)…

The Mojave Dam was pretty damn dry, but we still got our feet wet crossing the river where the Trail Ratz bridge had been washed away. The day was impossibly hot, you could almost smell our skin cooking.  We took a long lunch under the refuge of a shade-giving tree beside Grass Valley Creek before braving the heat again.

We followed the path above Highway 173 before dropping to walk on the Highway for about a mile… Walking along a rubbish-ridden shoulder as vehicles whizz past at 60 mph really makes you appreciate the comfort and safety of the trail… which thankfully we rejoined soon.

And to our d’lightt we discovered an ice chest with water & fresh fruit nestled at the foot of some shady trees. It was a gift from Team Turtle trail angels! We’d actually come across a turtle on the trail earlier in the day. This stupendous surprise was just what we needed to make it up over the hill to Silverwood Lake where we collapsed after our 20+ mile day.



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