Weather or not!

Wow… so much to catch up on!

Our time in Idyllwild (Days 12-16) was a mixed bag.

+ It’s the coolest and friendliest town ever! So easy to hitch, so many locals want to chat w/you about the trail, stores selling funky art, craftsy hippie items and gourmet goodies. Everything’s in walking distance. Campground that’s $3 a night, amazing library with free internet that also gives books to thru-hikers. Free coffee refills at the Red Kettle & the most amazing mango margarita at Arribas. So what could go wrong?

– Rain + cold. When the sun was shining it was perfect but when it was cold & rainy we  got restless spending hours in our little tent or the library. Even though everyone was so friendly, you do wonder if you’re overdoing it a bit to spend 3 hours in a cafe when you’ve just ordered a coffee. Plus we longed for the trail, with new views round every bend and a steady progression northward.

So despite the fresh load of snow that the heavens had dumped on us, on Saturday morning we headed back to the trail.


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