These switchbacks strike to kill

Well it’s way past hiker midnight (8pm) so I’d better make this quick…

Day 17 – About 10 miles with no water descending shadeless hillside on the most horrid switchbacks imaginable. Switchbacks that go UPHILL when you’re ultimately going down. Switchback’s that take you for MILES in one direction only to have you drop 1 foot and take another switchback back a few feet from where you began an hour ago. And switchbacks that are so hard to see from a distance that it’s nearly impossible to do the naughy, unthinkable thing heading off trail to avoid them.  Whoever planned this section of trail must have harboured a hatred for hikers. We also came across a rattlesnake! But at last we reached Snow Creek & WATER!

To be rewareded with the ugliest section of the PCT along the shadeless, flat, sandy plain that are crossed by I-10. And for some strange reason San Gorgonio pass, which is know for its wind, barely blew… leaving us hot and miserable. We were saved by an dessert oasis of drought-hardy plants surrounding a house were we took a break before continuing on to Mesa Wind Farm (who weren’t farming much that day!)



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