Big Bear BABY!

big-bearHiker midnight (8pm) came and went and we did not have time to bring you up to speed before hitting the hay.  But before we head out back on the trail from an amazing recharge stay at Natures in in Big Bear City (complete with a jacuzzi!) here are a few highlights of the last few days:

– Our 3rd anniversary was celebrated on a day when the temps didn’t make it to above freezing!  But we managed to get “our heat on” by making an incredible fire in a designated pit and thawing out  from the early afternoon till dusk!

– The next day we did 9 miles by 9:30 to get picked up by the great guide guru Eric the Black (he wrote our guide books) and dropped off at a quaint Inn were we rested, resuplied, re-booted, re-charged, relaxed etc.. 

Anyway its just past hiker noon (6am) and we must be off to hitch a ride back up to the trail.  The adventure must go on.


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