Zero w/hero

Day 8 & 9 We met PCT thru hiker & trail angel Warner Spring’s Monty in the Laguna’s and he offered to let us stay with him when we got to Warner Springs. In true trail angel fashion he picked up our packages from the post office for us (complete w/amazing package of flumps & to-die-for chocolate from D&P), and then picked us up & drove us to his home by Lake Henshaw.  A bird’s nest of hair fell out during my shower but it felt so nice to not have my hair feel like a horse’s rough mane. Dan cooked an amazing pasta dinner and we devoured huge pieces of Julian apple pie for dessert.

Monty’s been a full-time hiker for 4 years now & has thru-hiked the PCT several times and is doing it again this year, starting after the kickoff. He offered us a vast knowledge on all things PCT – from kickoff, to ultralight gear to the best hotels at trail towns to where you legally need a bear canister. We did our laundry, organized our food & gear and enjoyed chillaxing on our first Zero day. And a star-lit dip in the hot tub was the perfect end to the day.


2 thoughts on “Zero w/hero

  1. Thanks for your info. My kids & I are planning a visit to Anza-Borrego and want to hike a piece of the PCT either north or south of Warner Springs. Arriving 3-28. Any tips?

    • Hey Gary,

      It really depends what month. March will be great going south. We were there early april and the wildflowers around warner springs were incredible. Natural water sources around that section are better than usual, but its still the desert and so water caches are very helpful. They are more reliable in late april/early may… mind you we were lucky in april last year (a few key trail angels had replenished them just as we approached. Going sounth from WS would have you getting to the border too early. So I would suggest maybe starting at Idlewild and heading to the border. Or even better starting at the border and heading to Idlewild so that you have more time for the snow to melt around San Jacinto. Starting early made the desert experience much more enjoyable. We were surprised at how beautiful it was… mind you we were also surprised at how cold the nights were and how much snow there was on the mountains. hope that helps. Feel free to ask more questions ( Happy trails


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