Gracious graffiti

Day 10 – Monty dropped us off at the trailhead early that morning. It’d been an incredible day off, but we were eager to get back on the trail. The morning sunlight shone on us as we passed horses grazing in a wildflower meadow and then followed Agua Caliente creek up the hills in Cleveland National Forest. Towards the end of our 18 mile day were were feeling tired. The overgrown trail was doing more than just exfoliating our arms & legs. Soon we entered a Dr. Seuss-ish land of enormous pink boulders sprinkled with massive burnt trees before finally arriving at Chihuahua road and finding Trail Angel Mike’s water tank & shack.

water-tankMike’s not usually around but lets thru-hikers make use of both. One thing I love about the PCT is all the instructive & helpful graffiti. An arrow in the sand helps hikers navigate, or under a bridge they’ll be graffiti directing hikers to the closest Post Office.  It’s graffiti that emanates goodwill to hikers… you have a sense people are always looking out for you, even if you’ll never meet them. What community!


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