Trail Magic!

Originally uploaded by Jigg

Day 6 We awoke early and got straight to dodging snake holes & chapparal to bushwack straight to the mountain’s crest where we’d hopefully find the familiar undulating PCT. Unfortunately our new found friend wasn’t so easy to find. After 30 minutes we finally spotted it and ran/stumbled through a prickly non-path back to the trail. It was satisfying to be back en-route and before we knew it were were filling up our camelbacks at the Rodreguiz spur water tank.

The trail followed austere contours and slowly dropped to the dessert below. Looking down at the sandy trail we’d predict whose footprints we were following and try to decipher how recently the mountain lions had left their droppings – they ranged from moist and steaming to old and wooly. Lunch was a spectacular 2 hour affair, including reading A Blistered Kind of Love (the story of a couple who hiked the PCT in 2000) and yoga.

In the afternoon, as the sun showed its full strength, we entered the flat valley floor. This was the most desert-like stretch yet and frustratingly straight and indirect, following barbed wire fences and then a highway. But our parched lips were rewarded upon reaching a monumental water cache at Scissor’s Crossing – an angelic oasis of 40 gallons of water delivered by trail angels & complete w/chair. We rested, re-hydrated and flicked through the trail register. If not for that cache we would have been without water for a LONG stretch. The creekbed nearby was just sand and that’s where we made our home for the night.


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