Desert d’light

Day 7 & 8 – We began the slow winding switchbacks up the San Felipe Hills. We were taken aback by the huge variety of dessert life, halo’d by the morning sun. This was the most true desert we’d come through yet. After a long day we camped by another water cache. As evening fell we watched puffy white clouds creep quickly down the mountainside across the valley. We went to bed fearing an impending shower. It seemed that we were going to be in this desert during one of the 14 days a year where it rains. However, we remained dry, but the wind showed its might that night and in the morning made hiking on the high western San Felipe ridge treacherous. Without the California sun to lure us to laze about we’d covered 11 miles before noon and decided to continue another 9 to reach Warner Springs that afternoon. Passing wildflower meadows, a huge eagle shaped rock and an oak-lined creek we pressed on towards the goal – hot showers, hot tub and “town food” (including a famous Julian pie!) from legendary Trail Angel Warner Springs Monty, who hosted us with great generosity.

*click here to see more photos!


One thought on “Desert d’light

  1. You guys are hiking the PCT!!! Im excited to follow your journals! keep up the good work and holla if you need anything! Have you experienced the love of Gold Bond yet? haha


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