Lovin’ the Lagunas

Day 4 – Mt Laguna was cold & windy so it was nice to sit in the sun outside the general store and drink hot chocolate while waiting for the post office to open. Our packs got heavier with the food from our resupply but we were feeling good & as the showers at the Laguna campgrounds weren’t yet open we decided not to take our scheduled Zero Day (a rest day where you go 0 miles).

After winding along the contours of the moutains for miles, we came around a bend to incredible views of the flat desert valley below and layer upon layer of mountains in the distance. A few peaks looked like up-side-down ice cream cones dipped in white chocolate… and in a few weeks we’d be climbing in that candyland. For now, the terrain around us consisted of low scratchy shrubs and small, leaf-less, parched white trees that looked like they’d recieve the white witch of Narnia’s touch. But beside from the trees, there wasn’t much wintery about our hot dry surroundings.


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