Aclimatizing to adventure!

Day 2

We awoke to aching bodies and began to hobble down the trail using our trekking poles in lieu of walkers. Since we were ahead of schedule, we set a relaxing pace, stopping at intervals to journal, read and bask in the sun like lizards.

Dan also saw a mountain lion walk right through our campsite. But we were so tired we fell alseep easily. We still have not seen any other thru-hikers, but have met some  hikers doing sections of the PCT.

This morning, day 4 of our journey, we arrived in the cool evergreen forest of Mount Laguna to await the Post Office opening so we can get our resupply box and be on our way.

Our pace has been faster than we anticipated, so we have plenty of food!

*thanks to mom who typed as I dictated!


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