Winter to Spring in a Week

snowSNOW :: Last Monday we got over a foot of snow… everything was transformed into a winter wonderland. I was captivated by the blue shadows the trees cast on the serene snow. The snow gave Dan and I a chance to practice “self arrest” with our ice axes. Self arrest is basically jamming a special ax into the snow or ice to stop yourself from sliding down a mountain. It’s an important skill to have when crossing steep snowfields. And since Dan & I are starting the PCT a month or two before most thru-hikers, we could encounter a LOT of snow. So it’s a good thing we got some practice in the trecherous snowy mountains of Reston. Yeah…

SPRING :: But less than a week later it was sunny and 70!  Over at Dehydration Station we discovered that Plum Sauce takes ages to dehydrate and then becomes as sharp as glass. Seriously, I have a Hoisin cut on my finger!  And drying spinach made the entire house smell like wet dog. Let’s just hope it doesn’t taste like wet dog. We even managed to escape PCT planning to see some friends (including two adorable babes!) and catch up with my bro Sammy who was home for spring break.

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