dan-to-the-rescueWILDERNESS FIRST AID – Dan and I recently did an intensive Wilderness First Aid course in preparation for hiking the PCT. It was a bit worrisome, however, that anything beyond a paper cut or minor bruise seemed to be need for evacuation. Trouble breathing? Evacuate! Altered Mental Status? Evacuate! (And stop eating wild mushrooms). Thank goodness we’ve got search & rescue coverage through the American Alpine Club! But let’s just hope nothing beyond blisters happens, because I was grossed out enough by the ketchup our “victims” had smeared on their body as blood. Yep, the course included running around in the woods at 10pm on Friday night in 20°F weather, frantically attempting to help pretend victims and remember which bone was the tibia and which was the fibula. Fun times!

applesDEHYDRATION STATION – Meanwhile, Dan has been working almost non-stop at our Dehydration Station. Dan and my dad built a massive food dehydrator a month ago and it’s working wonderfully! With backpacking, you want things to be as light as possible and water is heavy, so drying foods makes them much lighter (and less bulky). Dan’s dehydrating fruit, veggies, sauces, beans… and making the most delicious fruit leathers. With flavours like coconut-cranberry we’re thinking we should bring along extras and sell them to fellow thru-hikers who have been subsisting for months on ramen noodles and raisins.

DRIVE, BIKE, WALK – This weekend we had epic transportation issues. Friday the car a friend of the family had so generously loaned us broke down. The oil was low, so we added more and it seemed good to go….. and then it broke down again. Thankfully, we had our bikes in the car so we continued our journey on bike…. until a shot rang through the air… not not a gun shot, just my bike tire being blown. But with a bit more love, we got the car working, until it sputtered to a stop….. repeat 5x and you have an idea of our Saturday. Thankfully, in between waiting in the car to be rescued by amazing car owner friend, we got to some cool exhibits at the Art Museum of the Americas. So the moral of the story is don’t drive, don’t bike – walk! So it works out quite well that we’re planning on doing just that to get from Mexico to Canada.

 Hyperbolic Nature: New Hampshire Fall (detail), 2008

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