Kung Fu School

kung fuIt all started with Kung Fu.

When Mr. Lee won 2 nation-wide Kung Fu championships, he decided to start a school for poor children. Despite being a communist country, even school in China isn’t completely free and so the poorest of children often can’t attend. Mr. Lee had been in that category himself until a kind soul had offered to pay for his education. Before long the prize money was gone and the school had over 400 students. So Mr. Lee sold his house and car to fund it.

Meanwhile, he’d become a dad. When he found a baby abandoned in a gutter in a nearby neighbourhood, he decided to adopt the child. Soon word got out that he would care for abandoned children and now’s he’s a father to 32 children, only 1 of which is biological.

It was incredible meeting this Chinese super-start who’s used his fame and fortune for others.  Sorry Brangelina but you ain’t got nuthin’ on this man. We went to the school and got to “teach” English to the kids, sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and do our famous Judy drama. But best yet, we were able to introduce him to other Chinese who want to support him & his school. And they were able to introduce him to JC.
chinese schoool children


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