56 mile run or P&P picnic?

Dan continued his insanity this weekend with a 56 mile fell run in the Peak District. Of course, 56 miles is how long it is if you went straight from check point to check point… but to run avoid obstacles such as bogs, rivers and big barbed wire fences it probably added at least 5 miles. Matt & Pete and a few our our housemates came down for the grand affair. But after the runners started off, we escaped the loony lycra-clad lot and headed for a walk around the grounds of Lyme Park. Which is where Mr. Darcy’s house is in the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. Yes, this was our view as we picnicked…

…only obstructed by a fence the National Trust had put up to separate the privileged (who paid) from the likes of us lot. Nevertheless, we did see some deer and Scottish Highland cows that looked like teenage stoners…Then we headed to the village of Castleton where we explored the devil’s arse (a cave of course!) and had a lovely pub dinner before heading to the finish line to see Dan.

Dan finished 8th out of 250 starters and had a phenominal time (despite getting lost & heavy rain – but as we already know it’s a sadomasochistic sport). He now knows a number of the other ultra runners from his other races in the UK, so each race is a happy reunion of giddy running maniacs. It’s amazing how many hours on end they can talk about running… while running even. After Dan had a bucket shower and a hearty meal, I dragged him away from his comrades and we headed back to York in our burgundy VW van. I was eager to get home since I was speaking at a local church the next morning. And wouldn’t you know, about 15mins into our 1.5 hr drive the car broke down. Roadside assistance was going to be 2hrs so I made myself a bed on the floor of the van, put my sleeping mask over my eyes and was asleep in no time. When the breakdown crew arrived I was expecting the worst, but miraculously they were able to fix the problem on the spot (new power steering belt) and by 7am we were back in bed.

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