The night of our sleepover in the pod we were awoken by a lightning bolt that seem to have struck about 2 feet from our toes. We considered staying in the pod to see if could time travel when lightning struck its metal sides, but in the end we decided we liked 2008 too much, so we ran indoors.

The next morning the storm had settled and the parting clouds revealed blue sky as we began our hike up Snowdon. But as we turned the bend it began to rain and rain and rain… The anti-climatic summit revealed a view of thick meringue clouds and a construction site, but on the way down the clouds parted and we were stunned by the view.

But the waterfall we followed on our decent was my favourite part. And Dan manged to jump into the pools of several of the waterfalls without being swept by the current over the next falls.

The next day we helped a couple who’ve started a home church in Bangor move house and today we met up with a med student who just spent a year in Uganda directing a hospice and meeting with death row inmates. Quite inspiring.

And tomorrow we’re off to Aberystwyth to climb more mountains and help set-up a 24-7 Prayer Room.

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About Anna

I like being out in the sunshine, dancing, baking, exploring abandoned houses, dark chocolate, traveling, being green, thrift store shopping, backpacking, gardening, reading memoirs, hammocks and fantastic friends.

2 thoughts on “Snowdon!

  1. Angharad’s hair looks really red in that first photo. I love the one of you and dan.

    I can’t believe that he jumped into the water and wasn’t afraid that he’d be sucked done the next water fall.

    You’re absolutely amazing at writing blogs.

    much love…

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