British Rarities

  1. Ice – And ale is served warm.
  2. Garbage disposals – I suppose they’d call them Rubbish Disposals anyhow…
  3. Window screens – Clearer views + bugs
  4. Ice tea – Brits consider this pure blasphemy.
  5. SUVs – With petrol prices as high as they are here it makes sense.
  6. Clothes dryers – That’s what radiators are for, right?
  7. Sunshine – But I must admit we’re getting loads this week!!!
  8. Mexican food – Yo echo de menos una enchalada buena!
  9. Tipping – More money for me! (Can you tell I’ve never been a waitress?)
  10. Excellent Customer Service – Could this perchance be related to the above?
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About Anna

I like being out in the sunshine, dancing, baking, exploring abandoned houses, dark chocolate, traveling, being green, thrift store shopping, backpacking, gardening, reading memoirs, hammocks and fantastic friends.

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