British Essentials

In random order…

  1. Electric Kettle – As often as Brits drink tea they can’t wait for a stove top kettle!
  2. Garden Shed – For a vast array of odds and ends, plus a good hideaway from a nagging wife.
  3. Henry the Hoover – It’s not actually a Hoover make but they call all vacuum’s hoovers here. They even have a Henrietta model.
  4. Separate taps for hot cold water – No lukewarm water here! It’s either burning hot or freezing cold.
  5. Radiators – Perfect for drying clothes & warming cold feet.
  6. Tea – British tea is just “normal” tea here. It’s not Earl Grey or English Breakfast, it’s just TEA.
  7. Front-load washing machines – Boy can those babies spin.
  8. Red telephone phone boxes – A classic.
  9. Double-decker buses – We have purple ones in York and bendy buses too!
  10. Fish & Chips – Yum!

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