So our last week of lectures was on relationships. It was a really insightful time and our speaker, Mark, was really engaging and challenging. Plus he fixed our internet & DVD player (SCORE!). We discussed Jesus words from John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” So basically, the best friendships require great sacrifice.

I think there’s nothing like marriage to make you understand that principle.

With friends it can be all too tempting to just paste a smile over gritted teeth; not speak up when someone’s words hurt your; not challenge unhealthy behaviour patterns, but bitch behind their back. Of course, these things are temping in marriage too, but after about 5 minutes you realise the relationship will only last 5 minutes if it continues like that. (Of course, an authentic friendship isn’t going to last much longer either).

Sacrifice kills, but perhaps that’s part of the key. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it. – Luke 9:24

Speaking of sacrifice… our house also took 2 personality tests – the Myers Briggs and DISC to understand each other more. And we discovered that almost the entire house are ENFPs. I, on the other hand, stand almost dead opposite as an ESTJ. Whereas my husband & housemates are described as “warmly enthusiastic and imaginative” by their profile, my description states, “makes good administrators.” And while they see life as “full of possibliites,” I am “practical, realistic & matter-of-fact.” Hmm… the joys of community living, eh? I’m like the Debbie Downer in a house full of dreamers.

But at least I change the loo paper!

6 thoughts on “ENFP heart ESTJ

  1. anna i’m an ENFJ…the whole myers briggs thing is very illuminating.

    that is pretty suprising to hear that your entire house are Extroverts, wow!

  2. ENFPs are the sexiest. But, Anna, I think you are definitely the most sexy ESTJ in all of creation. Will you be the administrator at South Lakes? I’d love to send my students to Mrs. Pizzo for their behavio(u)r.

  3. It is good thing someone is organized. In our house, no one is and you have seen the results!
    But I wonder, how did you get to be an ESTJ? When you took it before you were an ENFJ? Like me when I was your age. Can you really change that much in a few years?
    By the way, what a great blog. I still think you should be selling your photos. The design and all is fantastic.
    Love you,

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