Musings from a Toothless Sage

It’s a little daunting to write a catch up blog entry after such a long stint off line and after so much has happened in our lives, but for those who felt like they needed a little update I wanted give a little glimpse into my life. I will try to be short, so as to just whet the appetite and open up the channels of dialogue once again (

Sub headings are always a good way of keeping me on track so I will endeavour to stick to 3 if I may (and by the by, I don’t know why 3).

I’m getting closer to legitimate adulthood! I lost my penultimate baby tooth and so one would think I was almost a man, but sadly NO! There have been no adult teeth pioneering behind the last 3 baby teeth I lost and consequently my mouth has three little holes! Well, at least only one is visible… and on a happier note it has given me the chance to restore my faith in the tooth fairy. The latest fairy exchange rate is 20 euros per incisor showing a 2000% inflation rate in 20 years! Unfortunately that doesn’t quite compare to the one and a half grand it costs to get an implant, but then again my tooth fairy might not have known about my mitigating circumstance. I have 16 adult teeth missing due to an “evolutionary mutation,” which the last dentist I visited described to me as an advance step in Homosapien development whereby efficacy of the mouth is increased by the production of fewer teeth in favour of a more comical, tiny-toothed hybrid. You see the average man has too many – there is no need for a perfect 32 teeth smile when we no longer have to tear the meat off the bone of a 2 ton woolly mammoth! Still, it does make me feel like a bit of a recovering crack addict to have teeth missing at 25!


How can I talk about this in a paragraph…hhmmm… Well, it’s a bit like my teeth really. I feel a little like I am loosing the baby teeth of faith and in some spots am still waiting for something to come up underneath…. Hopefully, in this case though, something is going to come up! I am hoping for some solid gold faith teeth by the way! However the experience of loosing some old beliefs is a bit like taking that bite into the hard apple. As you confidently lean on its rigid flesh something bends back and then cracks and suddenly, in the place of a wobbly tooth that had started to cause pain with every bite, there is a gap. The gap feels strange and a little awkward but as you take the baby tooth in your hand you can see why it wasn’t built to last a life time and part of you is glad it’s out. Its funny tho because when the tooth fairy takes it away you feel like she has taken away a bit of your identity… and what you are left with is the hope of something better (an implant in my case!). And so it is with my faith right now. I am pressing in to parts of my belief structure to see what will fall and what I will be left with. It’s deconstruction in the hope of finding the bare naked truth that will stand. Untainted love. But I will leave you with some of the words that are standing firm right now: in Love all things hold together, inclusion, universal, redeemable, may they all be one, diversity, acceptance, openness.


Well I have to get running in somehow because it saturates so much of my life. There are so many metaphors that I can relate to this passion of mine, but I wanted to keep this update relatively short so I will just tell you that I am attempting my first 100 mile run on May 24th in the Yorkshire Dales. So please keep me in your thoughts. There is 33,000 feet elevation gain, loss and the terrain is very technical for most of the way, as Anna and I discovered on our 5 day backpacking trip through some of the course a few weeks ago. So I would be very pleased to finish in under 30 hours…. But to be honest a finish will be plenty!!


One thought on “Musings from a Toothless Sage

  1. Woohooo! on the teeth and all other aspects of life.

    I wrote Anna about the run–how many miles at a stretch, and what pace? I have to start running….

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