From Hyper to Hormonal

Evil Eye LoungeThis past weekend we went up to Nottingham for Sameer’s birthday. It was great having the whole Floyd crew together again for a night out. Then Saturday we went out again to the Evil Eye Lounge, a funky Moroccan style bar in York. At the bar we saw an advert for SightSonic, a Digital Arts Festival, so we headed to that on Sunday. There were lots of innovative and intriguing exhibits. I especially liked this one.

Monday we had a birthday dinner for our housemate and then an Elvis dance party. I must say Elvis was pretty hot when he was younger… and he’s got some dance MOVES.

Then Tuesday night I went cosmic bowling and laser questing with a youth group. I was helping out with the 11-14 year olds, but now I’m with the 15-18s. It’s basically going from hyper to hormonal. With the younger teens, we had trouble getting them to quiet down and sit still. The older teens, on the other hand, are plenty quiet because they’re in a lip lock with their boyfriends and sitting on each others’ laps. Really, though, they’re sweet kids and I’m excited about getting to know them better over the next few months.

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