Mormania and more…

Last week was Valentine’s Mormania. We had 2 Mormons round for a delicious dinner (cooked by Dan) complete with huge inflatable lip decorations.
our house
Then the fun continued Friday night at Refresh, where a group of us gave out free hot drinks from 10pm till 2am in the city centre. We had some great chats with a huge range of people and, of course, everyone wanted to know why were standing in the freezing cold giving something away for nothing. “Why? Because you’re worth knowing.”

This week was our first outreach week. We stayed busy grooming horses and gardening at a farm for kids expelled from school or who have difficulties learning in a typical classroom setting; helping out at a youth group for 20 hyper 11-14 year olds; and fixing up a bedroom & bathroom for a single dad so his daughter has a nice place to stay when she visits. It was great getting our hands dirty!

pooh hatFriday night we roasted s’mores in our fireplace. Well, ok, we didn’t have grahmn crackers. And the marshmellows were pink. And tasted a bit like coal since it was a coal fire. But they were still tasty!

But for me, the highlight of the week was probably today when we saw an old man walking down the street in this hat. Beautiful.

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