World Wide Web Woes

It’s a hard knock life without internet at our house. Thankfully we will have it soon but for now our “internet cafe” is the local pub. It’s not so bad on a weekday afternoon when the pub’s fairly empty. Then you only have a handful of people pointing and laughing at you as you type away. (No, seriously, the locals DO point and laugh). But right now I’m surrounded by 100 rowdy lads enjoy rugby. And I’m sitting all on my lonesome typing at my laptop… feeling like an absolute loser. Not to mention the facts that a) the urgent files I needed to use the internet for aren’t ready yet and b) I stupidly only brought 60p with me and the cheapest drink here – lime soda – costs a pound. Hmm…thankfully the waitress gave it to me anyhow. So now I am just drinking away my blues.

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