Sharing our Stories

typical street in YorkWe had a lovely time in the Lake District and now we’re getting to know York (the coolest city eva). Seriously, York combines the charm of a picturesque village with the excitement and variety of a lively city.

It’s also been great getting to know everyone and hear their stories, especially the story of how YWAM York started. Carl & Mel stepped out in faith to start the base despite not knowing anyone, not having enough money and the fact that Mel was 7 months pregnant! But the results of that risky move have been awesome.


One thought on “Sharing our Stories

  1. AE and Dan–hmmm… lovely (!) visiting that area, it was while at Capernwray school that the ‘countryside’ and its zeitgheist soothed my soul for the first time, having grown up in the LA ‘burbs. I took daily hikes, visited with ponies & consistently frightened sheep, and loved the greenery of a country with enough rain!
    Miss your two faces and spirits,
    Love K

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