Lost in Translation

More musings of an American in England… this time fun differences in linguistics.

  • Okey Cokey = Hokey Pokey …you do the (H)okey (C/P)okey and you shake it all about…
  • Ladybird = Ladybug (come now, is it a bird or a bug?)
  • Pavement = Sidewalk (thus the paved streets are called “tarmac”)
  • Bangers and Mash = Sausages & Mashed Potatoes
  • Take the Mick = Make fun of (I sure hope this phrase didn’t develop from making fun of my main man Micky Mouse!)
  • Maths = Math
  • Noughts & Crosses = Tic-tac-toe

And dear foreigners BEWARE of showing your British friends your nice new —– pack as the word is not so polite in the UK.

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